Donald Trump Is Using The NYC Terror Attack To Make Money For His Campaign

Almost immediately following the recent terrorist attack in New York, which prompted Trump to Tweet about “extreme vetting” within moments, the Trump campaign emailed their supporters asking for money—and linking it to the deaths of 8 people.

The email, sent by “Trump Make America Great Again Committee” asked supporters to sign an “official petition” to the White House to stop diversity via visa lottery. “The deranged animal who terrorized New York City came into our country through the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery’ — a politically correct government program that selects new immigrants at random with no other purpose than to fill quotas,” the email started. “We can no longer sacrifice our sanity and our security at the altar of political correctness. … Now (Trump) needs you to join the call to end this backwards program.”

When a recipient signs “Official Petition W.H. 4540” they are directed to donate to the fund. With this email, even the campaign knew it was tasteless, telling readers “The fake news media is going to unleash a flurry of attacks against this petition.”

This isn’t the first time the Trump campaign used a tragedy to ask for money. Sadly, it’s become a habit of theirs.

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