Top Evangelical Trump Supporter Says The ‘Faith Of Donald Trump’ Spurred Him To Win Presidency

Since Donald Trump won the 2016 election, everyone has been asking “What happened?”—especially Hillary Clinton, who wrote a book with that exact title.

But Stephen E. Strang, a Conservative Christian writer (not to be confused with the much more credible, though fictional, Doctor Stephen Strange, master of the mystic arts), has the answer! “God intervened!” His book God and Donald Trump “[examines] the spiritual dimensions of what was happening in America during a very contentious election campaign.” Strang says that “the faith of Donald Trump” spurred him to win the election.

Strang admires Trump deeply. When Trump was ignoring the crisis in Puerto Rico, and being scorned “by the media and the Hollywood Left,” the President “has not wavered, maintaining a level of compassion, concern and consistency that is deeply gratifying to the millions of average Americans who voted for him in November.” Oh, and he asked people to pray. Strang really liked that.

Strang also complains that over the past two decades, the country became more and more liberal—forgetting that a Republican served two terms during that time. But because “millions of Christians were praying for a change in the direction of our country. Pastors and ministry leaders who might have been too intimidated to speak up a year or two earlier were finding their voice, warning about the dangerous course we were on.” Supposedly the “dangerous path” was electing a qualified woman.

Strang even calls articles predicting Trump’s win “prophecies.” To him, Trump is God’s answer to America’s prayers. “Is it really possible God had something to do with it? The power of faithful prayer in times of crisis and change cannot be overestimated.” Of course, 3 million more people were praying that Hillary Clinton would win, so apparently, the power of prayer can be overestimated.

He even celebrates how white Americans voted for Trump: “According to the Pew Research Center, 8 out of 10 self-identified white, born-again, evangelical Christians said they voted for Trump.”

If Trump really is God’s answer for America, that answer is not a blessing—it’s a curse.


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