Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says The Media Is ‘Completely Obsessed’ With Russia Scandal, But No One Else Cares

Just ONE DAY after Donald Trump’s former campaign director was indicted for “crimes against America”, and a guilty plea from former Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopolous, Sarah Huckabee Sanders knocked the press for being “obsessed” with the Mueller investigation.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked Huckabee Sanders about Chief of Staff John Kelly talking about how “distracting” the investigation is.

She dismissed the idea that the probe is affecting the president’s ability to get his job done, saying, “You guys seem completely obsessed with this, while there are a lot of other things happening around the country.”

Huckabee Sanders said there are other things the American people care about more and “the media refuses to cover it.”

“The questions that I take in here day out have far more to do with an investigation,” she continued, “that, frankly, most Americans don’t care too much about, and a whole lot less to do with policies that actually impact them.”


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