BREAKING: Paul Manafort Pleads Not Guilty, Bail Set At $10 Million

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort just pleaded not guilty to all charges from special counsel Robert Mueller. His former business associate Rick Gates also pleaded not guilty.

Federal prosecutors are requesting a $10 million bail — to be set during a status hearing on Nov. 2 — and for Manafort to be released on home arrest at his home in Virginia.

Mueller’s office considers him a flight risk, lawyers in Mueller’s office argued before Judge Deborah Robinson on Monday afternoon, citing the seriousness of the charges and the extent of Manafort’s ties abroad. The bureau took possession of Manafort’s passport yesterday, his lawyer said.

A sprawling 31-page indictment, unsealed on Monday morning, accuses Manafort of laundering millions of dollars through overseas accounts that he used to buy luxury goods in the United States.

Mueller is investigating any possible collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Moscow to swing the 2016 election — and any other matters arising from that probe.

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