WATCH: Donald Trump Says USAF Airmen Are ‘Better Looking and Better Fighters’ Than Tom Cruise [WATCH HERE]

During a speech to United States Air Force members celebrating their 70th anniversary, Donald Trump praised their discipline and fighting ability.

Speaking at Joint Base-Andrews in Camp Springs, Md., Trump said the Air Force “are the ones that own the sky” and have for nearly a quarter-century.

He also compared the young airmen to Tom Cruise’s daring Naval aviator character in 1986’s “Top Gun.”

Speaking of the “confidence” and “rebelliousness” of Airmen, Trump said “I just met a lot of these folks. They are better looking than Tom Cruise and we know they can fight better and we know they can fly better.”

In the Tony Scott-Jerry Bruckheimer film, Cruise plays Lt. “Maverick” Mitchell, who is offered a shot to train at the “Top Gun” fighter school.

“We crave adventure and achievement, exploration and enlightenment,” Trump said of Americans and their military.

“We are and forever will be a nation of pioneers and patriots,” he said.


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