Genealogist Goes Back Through Tomi Lahren’s Family Tree And She Just Got Very BAD NEWS!!

Tomi Lahren, a popular right-wing commentator who has no problem displaying her racism and xenophobia, is thrilled that President Trump is ending DACA, and she’s letting Liberal “snowflakes” know it.

After her tweets, journalist Jennifer Mendelsohn decided to research Lahren’s background. Mendelsohn also uncovered that Stephen Miller’s great grandmother didn’t speak English when she came to America, which goes against Miller’s ideas of immigration concepts. In her research of Lahren, Mendelsohn found something interesting about the alt-right blonde girl’s great great grandfather, Constantin Dietrich:

Searching for more on Constantin Dietrich brings up an index listing for an INS file labeled “Prosecutions,” that indicates Dietrich was charged with “forgery, in altering the date of his declaration.”

But it doesn’t end there. Mendelsohn also found the grand jury indictment of Dietrich:

I ordered the court file, which included Dietrich’s grand jury indictment, in all its 14-page glory. Tomi Lahren’s great-great-grandfather was indicted on two separate counts, for “willfully, unlawfully and knowingly” making a false affidavit in connection with a naturalization proceeding, and for forging a naturalization document, in violation of the Naturalization Act of June 29, 1906. The grand jurors accused him of swearing falsely to the date of his declaration, and of altering the original papers (“with a knife or steel eraser or other instrument unknown to the Grand Jurors”) to make it look like his declaration of intention to become a citizen had been executed in 1911 rather than 1909, apparently because he’d let too much time elapse before completing the naturalization process.

So, as it turns out, Lahren is the granddaughter of someone who would be protected by DACA today. If rescinding DACA goes through a family tree, does that mean they can deport Lahren? According to her, she should be put on a boat and sent back to “wherever she came from.”

What do you think?