Conservatives Are OUTRAGED As Michelle Obama, Not Melania Trump, Makes International Best Dressed List, MAGA Twitter Is OUTRAGED!!

Vanity Fair just released their annual International Best Dressed List, and poor Melania Trump, the First Supermodel, didn’t make the cut. However, her predecessor, Michelle Obama, did. Again.

Supporters of Melania and the Trump family started fuming over social media, claiming that Vanity Fair didn’t include her out of spite.

While people are angry that Melania isn’t on the list, The Cut notes that Obama and Brigitte Macron, French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife, made the list in the “couples” sections. So maybe she would have made the list if Trump didn’t wear a certain accessory all the time:

On Facebook, users believed Melania has no reason to be on this list. One person wrote, “It’s not ONLY about clothes, but rather someone’s entire persona. Melania has been on the job almost a year and has done NOTHING but wear clothes, she’s the least interesting First Lady in history. Sorry, she’s not good enough.”

And many pointed to these wardrobe choices, as Melania went to visit Hurricane victims in Texas, as proof that she didn’t deserve the recognition:

Maybe for Vanity Fair, style is more than just clothing and looks. After all, Melania’s favorite stylist, Hervé Pierre, did make the list.

What do you think?