POLL: Majority Of Americans Think Donald Trump Is A Huge BULLY, Is Unstable, And Is NOT Presidential

According to a new Fox News poll, the majority of likely American voters say that Donald Trump is a “bully” who “says what he thinks”.

The poll shows that 90 percent of Americans would use the phrase “says what he thinks” to describe Trump, while 81 percent says this trait describes Trump “extremely” or “very” well.

The next closest descriptor Americans chose was “bully,” which 73 percent of Americans said at least somewhat describes the president. Voters were less sure about this descriptor, but 53 percent said it “extremely” or “very” well described how Trump runs the White House.

There was some criticism in the poll: 44 percent of voters said Trump was “very” or “extremely” unstable, while another 16 percent said he was “somewhat” unstable.

The descriptors least used to describe Trump were all top answers for other past presidents.

Just 25 percent of voters were likely to call him “presidential” or a “moral leader,” while 26 percent were likely to call him “compassionate.” More than half of voters said that they would never use these words to describe Trump.

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